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The city of Florence is actually the capital of the Italian Tuscany area and stands alongside the scenic banks of the river Arno, are near the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic Sea Bustling with local industry, the arts and crafts, trade and tourism;. Florence is a very historic place in the most desirable locations heritage.

One penetrated to visit in Italy, was originally founded by Romans in the first century Florence and grew dramatically between the 1200s and 1600s. Of particular importance, the Medici family that ruled Florence during the 15th Century, were responsible for many of the city’s most spectacular landmarks, buildings and monuments, most of which remain in the best condition.

Florence Travel
The Florence has field a well-structured public transport network, consisting from the great railway lines, orange ATAF buses and taxis, who meet on site at various taxi stands and around the places. Renting a car is one of the most popular ways to connect the Tuscany region travel and the highway A1 Florence to many major Italian cities such as Bologna, Milan, Naples and Rome. The A11 motorway connects Florence to Lucca, Pisa and a number of coastal regions resorts.

Florence is easily accessible from all over the world and the city of Amerigo Vespucci airport is nearby. Only 5 km / 3 miles from the city center, the Florence Vespucci Airport offers modern facilities and is home to a number of important international and Italian airlines

Florence Commerce.
With a thriving business center of the city and many businesses support services and the financial sector, Florence is a city rich today with tourism as important industry in the city, many local craft supporting the economy, such as jewelry, leatherwork and ceramics, together with Hotels in Florence contains a series of remarkable, medium-sized companies, including engineering, publishing and textile businesses.

Florence hotels.
Hotels in Florence are often fairly expensive throughout the year, and many are centrally located, although a number of popular cheaper alternatives are available. Accommodation in the peak season is booked up quickly in the most popular hotels and it may make sense to book at least two weeks before. If you decide to rent a car, ensure that the hotel car parking space available, has before booking. Hotels can be found throughout the inner city to the green area in Viale dei Colli, near the Santa Maria Novella train station, next to the Arno and the city tourism outskirts.

Florence: Select
Tourism in the Florence area is important, and thousands of people, to visit this part of Tuscany every year to the scenic views, historic buildings, stunning architecture and famous works of art must enjoy. main attractions in Florence a number of magnificent palaces, like Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Medici-Riccardi and Palazzo Strozzi. Other attractions include the Piazza del Signoria, the Teatro Comunale (theater), the arched bridge Ponte Vecchio, the historic Campanile di Giotto and the world-famous Duomo / Santa Maria del Fiore -.. also called “Cathedral of Florence museums in Florence

Top contain many important art exhibitions and outstanding exhibits known worth a visit are the National Archaeological Museum, the Uffizi Gallery and. the Academy Gallery, among many others, has the Chianti area, between the City of Florence and Siena is located near one of the most beautiful landscapes of Italy landscapes and is also home to a number of famous restaurants vineyards.

Restaurants in Italy as “Ristoranti” or “trattoria” and is widely used in Florence, with many types of cuisine are available. Menu prices do not generally contain costs and they are open on the bill, cover, along with other charges (‘coperto “). Therefore, tipping in Florence restaurant is not necessary, but always appreciated. Lunch in the city is listed in the rules at 13:00 clock and is the most important meal of the day, at dinner between 20:00 and 21:00

Florence be eaten weather ..
The Florence features quite temperature weather, with remarkable hot, sunny summers and cool, breezy winter temperatures between the months of July and August at its hottest, and reach heights of up to 32 ° C / 90 ° F. tends January to Florence coldest month with daily temperatures reach only 9 ° C / 48 ° F, although depths can be from 1 ° C / 34 ° F experienced.

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Learn Italian: It’s really very much!

There are people who just think a lot of the disadvantages or “what if’s” in the Italian language, even before the work is first. But the real problem here is that with this kind of attitude, there’s really never done any work, lesson learned, or even a single Italian word spoken.

Instead of time thinking about what might happen, or the difficulty of learning the Italian language, its best to break the myths and exceed the hesitation. Italian make you learn might interest you never thought you and the desire to visit the Italian-speaking country at its best – Italy

Well, it was mentioned, the idea is not to Italy or visit them for a short time only one of the obstacles that most people immediately think and also the reason why Italian is to learn never a high priority. But there is a purpose why you should learn the language. Many Italian lessons in common use today provide survival phrases that make sense then most likely talking about when ever you to find himself under the shadow of the Leaning Tower of Pisa or in a restaurant with staff and customers can Italian and Italian alone.

Another common reason why people refuse to learn Italian is participating because they think they do not have time to sit down and read the text of the speech. Again, there are more sources than before. It’s not just at the beginning of a course where you are Italian, but also online, movies, audio aids and dip tops can learn for learning the language or no language for that matter. It is everywhere and everyone can read through a 10 key point articles on Italian bases every day. This could only be about 10 to 20 minutes.

The idea is that there certainly is no limit to how to get someone a foreign language. Italian is only one from the other hundreds of languages. It’s great to learn new things every day and you have to lose something. If you think you can not, it might be only because you really do not want to do or just too lazy it.

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Teach Yourself to speak Italian

What is the best way to learn Italian? What steps must you take? Now that significant progress in a few weeks in, if these steps are followed …

1. There is no better place than a school to start teaching Italian. The key to learning the Italian language begins with human interaction that does not make you a good idea on your own studies. After a teacher tell you about basic grammar, and correct your pronunciation with them there, you stop accepting bad habits early may be difficult to shake off later on.

2. Read articles, in Italian. Whatever you want to read articles in English, whether it will attempt to news, sports or entertainment that’s the equivalent in Italian. All types of articles can be read for free online, so it does not even go to basic but Italian newspapers or magazines.

3. Register for online communities Italian or Italian people add to your instant messenger or social networking friend lists. The rapid development of the Internet means that we are now in a world that you can with people on the other side of the world at the same level as if they were sitting next to you live, communicate and that is something that you should advantage.

take … and that’s it! 5 clear steps are all that separate you speak of the Italian situation. It would be wrong to say that they follow simple steps, but it would be equally wrong to say that they are difficult. Anyone can follow them, and manages to speak fluent Italian as long as they have enthusiasm and a consistent willingness to learn.

Italy travel guide will make your trip easier

Italy Travel Guide

Many people are full of suggestions that you use to make your trip a success can be written. The cultural exposure that you receive by traveling is something completely unique. Unfortunately, you can travel anxious when you are not prepared, or visit a place of knowing little or nothing. Most of Italy travel guide gives you helpful advice on the best destinations to see how, by talking about when all around you, Italian, and how they are sure to get on the trip.

The Internet is certainly the ideal place to articles, websites to find e-books, and more fully by Italy travel tips. Maybe people can read the personal blogs of their travels to Italy. Read ebooks, some of which you have to be purchased for a small fee, that extensive and useful guides are.

You can also prefer a printed travel book on Italy, so you can bring with it during your vacation. Go to the travel section read by your favorite bookstore to many tourist guides. Take a look at several before you decide which you think is best for you. If you make a purchase, try a “move to the lightweight and easy you find it.

practicing some basic Italian words and phrases before you will on your trip during the holiday less stressful head. Many Internet and printed guides contain simple words and sentences that make from place to place always, shopping is, and simply order food for you. With a little practice you will be able to learn the basics before you head on your journey.

try to organize your trip to Italy can be difficult route, there are tons of fantastic things to do and see. You can see Rome and its rich history, amazing architecture of Venice, the internationally famous beauty of Tuscany, and much more. First major travel guide before you will help you enjoy your time without worrying about the plans or communicating.

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